how to buy a property and land in Bali

Navigating Property Purchase in Bali: A Comprehensive Guide

Bali, with its enchanting landscapes and vibrant culture, has become a magnet for property investors around the globe. However, the process of buying property here, especially for foreigners, involves navigating a complex legal landscape. At, a Bali-based law firm, we specialize in assisting clients through the intricacies of property acquisition in Bali and Indonesia, offering comprehensive notary and legal services.

Understanding the Indonesian Property Market

The Indonesian property market is unique, with specific rules for foreign ownership. Familiarizing yourself with these regulations is crucial before embarking on your property journey in Bali.

Types of Properties Available

1. *Residential Properties:* These include villas, houses, and condominiums. Bali offers a range of residential properties, from luxury villas to more modest homes.
2. *Commercial Properties:* For those looking to invest in business ventures, commercial properties in Bali range from hotels to retail spaces.
3. *Land:* Purchasing land can be attractive but comes with specific restrictions for foreigners.

Legal Framework for Foreigners Buying Property

Foreign nationals are subject to certain restrictions when buying property in Indonesia:

1. *Right to Use (Hak Pakai):* The most common form of property ownership for foreigners. It allows the use of land for a specific period, usually 25 years, extendable to a total of 70 years.
2. *Leasehold:* Foreigners often opt for leasehold agreements, which can be for up to 30 years and are extendable.
3. *Ownership through a PMA Company:* Foreigners can set up a Foreign-Owned Company (PT PMA) in Indonesia, which can hold property titles under the Right to Own (Hak Milik) for the benefit of the company.

The Buying Process

1. *Finding the Right Property:* Start by identifying your ideal property, keeping in mind the type of property a foreigner can legally purchase.
2. *Due Diligence:* Conduct thorough due diligence to ensure the property is free from disputes, has a clear title, and meets legal standards. This is where can assist extensively.
3. *Negotiation and Agreement:* Once you’ve selected a property, negotiate the terms and price. We can help draft and review the agreements to protect your interests.
4. *Payment and Transfer of Title:* Payments in Bali property transactions are usually done in stages. After payment, the transfer of title takes place, which our legal team can facilitate.
5. *Notarization:* All property transactions in Indonesia must be notarized. We provide notary services to ensure the legality of the process.
6. *Obtaining Necessary Permits:* Depending on the property type and use, various permits may be required. Our expertise ensures you obtain all necessary permits.

Special Considerations for Foreign Buyers

1. *Cultural and Legal Nuances:* Understanding local customs and legal nuances is critical. We provide insights into local practices to ensure a smooth transaction.
2. *Tax Obligations:* Be aware of tax obligations, including property tax, income tax on rental earnings, and taxes related to the transfer of property.
3. *Financing:* Getting a mortgage as a foreigner in Indonesia can be challenging. We can guide you through possible financing options.

Long-Term Lease Agreements

For many foreigners, long-term lease agreements are a practical solution. These agreements provide security of tenure, often ranging from 25 to 30 years and are extendable. We ensure these agreements are legally sound and protect your interests.

Building and Construction

If you’re looking to build on purchased land, be aware of zoning laws and construction permits. Our team assists in navigating these regulations, ensuring compliance from the ground up.

Why Choose

At, our in-depth understanding of the Bali property market and Indonesian law makes us your ideal partner. Our services include:

1. *Legal and Notary Services:* Ensuring all aspects of your property purchase are legally compliant.
2. *Due Diligence:* Conducting thorough checks to safeguard your investment.
3. *Contract Drafting and Review:* Crafting clear, enforceable agreements.
4. *Guidance Through the Entire Process:* From finding a property to finalizing the deal.

Buying property in Bali as a foreigner is a journey filled with opportunities and challenges. With the right guidance and legal support from, you can navigate this process with confidence. Whether you’re looking for a dream home, a strategic investment, or a slice of paradise, we are here to turn your Bali property aspirations into reality.