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Real estate transactions

We can represent you in the purchase, sale, or rental of real estate in Indonesia. Land development: We can advise you on land development projects and help you obtain the necessary permits. Construction contracts: We can draft and review construction contracts on your behalf. Family Law


The Bali Lawyer can help you with all aspects of family law in Indonesia, including:
We can represent you in a divorce proceeding and help you negotiate a settlement agreement. Child custody: We can represent you in a child custody dispute and help you obtain a favorable outcome. Child support: We can help you enforce or modify a child support order. Alimony: We can help you obtain or modify an alimony order. Inheritance: We can advise you on inheritance matters and help you settle an estate. Criminal Law

Criminal defense

We can represent you if you have been arrested or charged with a crime in Indonesia.

Victim representation

We can represent victims of crime in Indonesia and help them obtain justice. Litigation
The Bali Lawyer can represent you in court proceedings in all areas of law in Indonesia. We have experience in a wide range of civil, criminal, and commercial litigation matters. Services for Clients in Different Areas

Foreign investors

We can help foreign investors to set up businesses in Indonesia, comply with Indonesian laws and regulations, and protect their intellectual property


We can help expatriates with a variety of legal tasks, such as obtaining visas and work permits, purchasing property, and dealing with family law matters. Indonesian nationals: We can also help Indonesian nationals with a variety of legal tasks, such as starting businesses, buying and selling property, and resolving family disputes. Why Choose The Bali Lawyer?

The Bali Lawyer is the leading lawyer studio in Bali for a number of reasons, including:​

We have over 20 years of experience providing legal services in Bali.

We have a reputation for providing high-quality legal services to our clients

We offer competitive rates and are transparent about our fees.

We are easy to communicate with and are responsive to our clients’ needs.

We are licensed by the Indonesian Bar Association and are fully insured and qualified.

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